John Babauta


  • DNDA Board of Directors / Board Secretary

John has a passion for serving low and moderate income families and building the communities in which he works and lives. He currently works with various non-profit organizations to defeat poverty, end homelessness, and fight institutional racism. John also works in financial programming initiatives, using his experience to help individuals and families develop budget strategies and build financial acumen. If he isn’t at work or volunteering with local organizations, John enjoys spending time around the Pacific Northwest with his family and friends. During his eight-year career at HomeStreet Bank, he has held various positions from supervisory roles to investment services and retirement needs analysis. Before joining HomeStreet, John gained banking experience through mortgage and retail banking. When asked about inspiration, John immediately said that his comes from his son—to be a better person, a better father, and to create a better world for his future.

John enjoys the people and culture that is Delridge, and the diversity of its neighborhoods. He believes that the Delridge community will set the standard in providing safe and clean affordable housing, as well as providing the space needed for idea sharing, cultural integration, and educational programming for generations to come.