Truly "A Landmark Celebration"…

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Friday, February 26th, marked DNDA and Youngstown’s first fundraiser in 5 years: Destination Delridge: A Landmark Celebration, and it was… A GREAT SUCCESS!!!

There was a unique showcasing of undeniable talent – from aerial arts by The Cabiri, to a feather-bound man on stilts, to poetry and breakdance by Vicious Puppies, to a gigantic community art installation by artist BK Tran – under one roof! It was an all-out party, and a night to remember.

Old friends reunited, and new connections were made, under the auspices of forming a camaraderie for a stronger, thriving Delridge.

Youngstown’s illustrious Director of 3 1/2 years, David Bestock – who happens to share a birthday with Youngstown – passionately and purposefully guided us through a magical evening:YOUNGSTOWN_160226_DELRIDGE BENEFIT_0441

A heartfelt speech by young Cedric Dennard II, an artist from the Delridge Mural Project (2014), brought tears to inspired eyes, while insightful words from Youngstown’s founding director, Randy Engstrom, brought a refreshing perspective on Delridge’s past, and hope for its future.

Elected Officials, leaders of various non-profit organizations, artists and DNDA alum were witness to DNDA’s first-ever Delridge Champion Award presentation! The recipient was DNDA Housing and Properties Director, Willard Brown. A true ambassador for the community, Willard graciously received the well-deserved honor, reinforcing our pride and our mission.

YOUNGSTOWN_160226_DELRIDGE BENEFIT_0472The Raise the Paddle portion of the night was a furious fanning of bid cards by 200 passionate people who believe in DNDA’s mission to further the work of social justice, food justice, youth arts education and safe place in the community.

It was altogether lovely, and A Landmark Celebration, indeed. We are so proud of our community and our progress, and are even more empowered to effect positive change in the world around us.

-Erika Bell,

Youngstown Events Manager


Youngstown Director David Bestock

Youngstown Marketing Intern Ana Porta & DNDA Project Coordinator Nafasi Ferrell