Youth Community Mural on Display

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Last winter, DNDA staff implemented a program allowing youth to be part of a beautification project from the safety of their homes. This mural was designed by local artist Amanda Jorgenson and was painted by 45 youth from NewHolly, High Point, and Delridge. This mural is made up of 63 individual 11”-by-14” canvases. Each youth received their own kit with paint, a printout of the mural, and a unique canvas. It was essentially a paint-by-numbers project that would be part of something much bigger.

This mural shows that as a community we can create something truly beautiful and collaborative without being in the same space. Youth were able to connect with other youth across South Seattle and co-create a project that allowed them to take a break from technology. The flowers in this mural are local to Western Washington and signify the growth we have all experienced during this pandemic.

Once the canvases were picked up, we assembled the mural and looked for somewhere the public could see its beauty. The Seattle Office of Arts and Culture graciously offered to show it at King Street Station. The mural is titled Community Garden and will be on display in their gallery from July 22nd to August 16th. After this showing, it will be on display permanently at the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center in Delridge. We plan on having a closing celebration to honor the youth, families, and artists that contributed to making this mural. More information to come.

We are incredibly grateful to 4Culture, the Seattle Office of Arts and Culture, and an anonymous funder for their support. Thank you!

-Written by Molly Duttry