Youth Create Community Mural From Home

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In November 2020, DNDA’s EcoArts team set out on a project that would allow youth to be a part of a collaborative art piece from the safety of their homes. Through our mural project, youth in NewHolly, High Point, and Delridge can now all be a part of a bigger picture. Youth received kits that included a unique pre-drawn canvas to paint. Once the canvases are collected, they will be pieced together to create a final cohesive image.

To start the project, teaching artist Amanda Jorgenson came up with a design for our mural that symbolizes the isolation and growth we have all felt during COVID-19. The design is made up of local wildflowers, lupin, fireweed, and California poppies. Once the design was established, we transferred the specific images to 63 canvases that will make up the final mural. Paint was then mixed and poured into condiment cups, and our kits were assembled.

Kits were delivered to families to start painting their canvases, following the design and guidelines. When finished, the canvases are picked up so the mural can be assembled. We are still determining a final location to showcase this project, but please stay tuned for the virtual unveiling of this beautiful artwork by our young artists. Details soon!