Delridge Wetlands Design Community Open House!!!

Please join DNDA for a Community Open House as we welcome our design team from Pomegranate Center to share their proposed design for the Delridge Wetlands Park! At the Open House you will have opportunity to see how the input of educators and project partners has been woven into an overall design.  We will be gathering your input and feedback to help inspire the final design and formation of this community gem in Delridge!

The Delridge Wetland located on 23rd Ave SW and SW Findlay St, is a project spearheaded by DNDA to protect, restore, preserve and expand the existing wetland to improve water quality in Longfellow Creek, meanwhile developing the space as a public park for all to enjoy. Beside wetland restoration, other plans for the park include the creation of an urban garden, community orchard, as well as developing the space as an outdoor classroom for local students and the community to learn hands-on environmental science and wetland stewardship. If you get the chance, stop by and view the site!

Thanks to our partners, sponsors and donors, we have hired the wonderful Pomegranate Center to create a master plan design for the Delridge Wetlands, which they will be presenting to the community during our Open House on June 15th.

We hope you can join us and add your recommendations for this project!

Salmon Eco-Sculpture at Folklife!

Join Nature Consortium to make a giant salmon sculpture with recycled and various materials at this year’s Northwest Folklife Festival! By creating this Salmon Eco-Sculpture together we will breathe life into old materials, connect nature and art, and think critically about sustainability and Eco-Arts. Through this project we are hoping to raise community engagement and public awareness about natural connection and environmental sustainability. The sculpture will be installed at Youngstown and be displayed in the Arts in Nature Festival at Camp Long in August 2017. Learn more about Nature Consortium here!


Nature Consortium Salmon Eco-Sculpture
May 26 – 29 starting at 11:00am
Seattle Center: Discovery Zone
305 Harrison St – Seattle 98109

GiveBIG a HUGE Success – Thank You!

Now more than ever we want to give a big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in this year’s GiveBIG donation drive for local nonprofits hosted by The Seattle Foundation. With your support, a whopping total of $5,208 was donated to DNDA— exceeding our goal of $5,000!

Your thoughtful gifts support our vision of a vibrant and thriving Delridge community. Thanks to your generous donations – and the support of an anonymous donor who put up a $2,500 matching gift challenge! – DNDA can continue to build valuable community projects in the areas of education, the arts, green space, healthy food, and restorative justice.

For example, GiveBIG proceeds will benefit community projects like:

Again, THANK YOU for showing dedication to our community and your support for DNDA! Like spoken word artist Carlynn Newhouse said at the most recent Destination Delridge event:

Give to fight the powers that hold us down, and give to show the love that holds us up.”

Through your donations you have allowed us to strengthen our collective resistance against all that holds us down and amplify the love that never fails to hold us up. We’re in this together and, thanks to your GiveBIG contributions, we are more prepared than ever.

Did you miss GiveBIG but still want to contribute? You can always make an online donation to show your love for DNDA.

Showing the Love – GiveBIG Early Giving Starts Today

Every spring, The Seattle Foundation hosts an online day of giving – GiveBIG – galvanizing nonprofit supporters across the Puget Sound. Collectively, the Greater Seattle community has raised $75 million for local nonprofits.

This year’s GiveBIG is Wednesday, May 10, and here at DNDA we want to take the opportunity to give you – our community – a big THANK YOU.

Many of you attended our Destination Delridge event in February, so undoubtedly you were as inspired as we were by spoken word artist Carlynn Newhouse, when she said:

We can’t thank Carlynn enough for her beautiful words, and we know many members of our community are showing love in incredible ways, working towards things personally powerful and collectively meaningful. Here at DNDA, we continue to work towards our vision for a vibrant and thriving Delridge.

Here’s just a couple of things we’re doing:

If the vision of a vibrant and thriving Delridge community is meaningful to you, please share your story and ideas with us. If you’d like to make a donation – any amount makes a BIG difference – you can do so starting today, April 27, at:

And this year, your donation of any amount will make twice the impact, thanks to the generous support of an anonymous donor who has pledged to match every gift to DNDA up to $2,500!

Thank you for showing your love for this community and for working to hold us all up.


To make a donation that will be matched dollar for dollar, up to $2,500, go to and click “Donate Now.”

Earth Day Celebration: Spring Has Sprung!


I can’t believe it, spring is officially beginning! Daffodils are blooming, the temperature is slowly but surely climbing and the sun isn’t hiding behind so many rain clouds. What better way to appreciate this beautiful Seattle weather than by celebrating Earth Day outside with your community in Seattle’s largest forest?

This year Earth Day falls on Saturday, April 22, and from 10:00am until 2:00pm Nature Consortium and Earth Corps are co-hosting a fun volunteer opportunity within the vast West Duwamish Greenbelt as part of a Duwamish Alive! day of service. This celebration will be complete with live musicians, as well as creative art projects through Nature Consortium’s EcoARTs Progam. Located at Pigeon Point at the Pathfinder School (1901 SW Genesee St), you can still sign up for this volunteer work party here!

Since 2006, Nature Consortium and Earth Corps’ Earth Day events have brought hundreds of volunteers together in annual collaboration surrounding the restoration of local natural sites. The West Duwamish Greenbelt, highlighted in Nature Consortium’s Urban Forest Restoration Program, has suffered long-term impacts of logging and is now facing severe degradation. Volunteers at this upcoming Earth Day event will have the opportunity to participate in the restoration of this forest by working on invasive plant removal, mulching, and site maintenance.
The West Duwamish Greenbelt, extending over 500 acres, is the largest contiguous forest remaining within Seattle. This forest provides important ecosystem services to the Duwamish Rivershed and is home to local wildlife such as bald eagles, salamanders and hawks. Plants within this forest benefit our community as well, as they help filter pollutants out of the air and reduce the effects of global warming. Better yet, the West Duwamish Greenbelt is in town. You don’t even have to leave Seattle to experience this spectacular forest!

If you plan on making it to Nature Consortium and Earth Corps Earth Day celebration, be sure to sign up here and come prepared with long pants, closed-toed shoes and a water bottle. Rain or shine, the tools, gloves and training will be provided! You won’t want to miss it, this celebration is the perfect chance to participate in Earth Day by giving back to the Seattle community while being immersed in our city’s natural beauty.

If you can’t make it to this year’s Earth Day event but you’d like to help with these organizations in the future, you can use these links to find scheduled volunteer opportunities with Nature Consortium, Earth Corps and Duwamish Alive!

Happy Earth Day to all, and to all a great spring!


Sara Parolin
DNDA Marketing Intern

Strong winds and possible power outages 3/10

The National Weather Service is forecasting strong winds early Friday morning.  Winds of 25 to 35 miles per hour with gusts to 50 miles per hour will occur from 1 AM to as late as 10 AM over Western Washington.  This would include impacts associated with downed trees and tree branches including isolated power outages.  Public Health – Seattle & King County would like to highlight risks associated with power outages.


How to stay healthy if you lose electricity:

Prevent carbon monoxide poisoning

Translated carbon monoxide information for communities with Limited English Proficiency

Avoid eating spoiled food during power failures

  • Keep refrigerator and freezer doors closed as much as possible to keep the cold air inside.
  • Refrigerated foods should be safe if the doors are kept closed and the power is only out for a few hours.  Foods that remain frozen are not a risk.
  • Some foods that have spoiled may still look and smell fine.  When in doubt, throw it out!
  • More on food safety during power outages:

Medical needs at home

  • If possible, charge or store extra batteries (check with your medical supply company and get information regarding a back-up power source such as a battery or generator) for medical equipment.
  • Call 911 or visit an emergency department if a medical emergency arises.

Destination Delridge 2017: The Funnest FUNdraiser!

As DNDA’s Winter quarter marketing intern, I was excited to volunteer at the 2017 Destination Delridge event. Destination Delridge was a celebration and fundraiser for Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association (DNDA). I was impressed by how well organized and calm the event was. There were plenty of volunteers, and the event went off like clockwork. Metropolist, the venue, looked amazing. It was a modern, industrial space, but made festive with strings of lights.

Everyone was so warm and gracious. I greeted people at the door and took photos. I spoke with Lisa Raven, with her long green hair, and even longer stilts. She had learned her craft from some “circus folks” where she used to live.

Jabali Stewart, the M.C., was a confident and dynamic speaker from The Bush School. He had led a Diversity workshop for DNDA, and was impressed with how open DNDA’s staff were to examining their values on diversity, and how open they were to change. He said, “These folks get it!”

Monica Elenes, a member of Youngstown Anchor Tenants Totem Star and Arts Corps, sang and played on guitar a beautiful rendition of “Waiting on the World to Change”. Carlynn Newhouse, also a Totem Star and Arts Corps member, performed a spoken word piece that described her experience as a young black woman today. Her honesty and authenticity sent gasps through the audience, and they could barely wait to burst into cheers at the end!

I had the pleasure of meeting some Cooper Artist Housing residents, and asked what it’s like to live at Cooper/Youngstown. They shared how much they love that they’re able to afford it and work on their various art projects, collaborating and supporting each other. They had become close friends, and had found Community.

DNDA Executive Director David Bestock gave a short speech about DNDA’s recent accomplishments and highlighted last year’s merger with Nature Consortium. A short, touching video about Art (classes, dancing, music at Youngstown), Nature (sustainability, environmental education within the Delridge neighborhood) and Neighborhood (housing, community events). The food was great and beautifully presented. The “Dessert Dash” items were appealing to the eye and the palette. A big hit! I had worked on procuring the desserts, so it was fun to see the final results.

Cheryl and Fausto from AU Dance Collective danced a mellow, contemporary duet. She perched on his shoulder, she flipped, she balanced—it was a lovely dance! Jabali auctioned off more raffles items, including Chihuly tickets, a sweet theater package and Mariners tickets.

After the performances and presentations, the stage turned into a dance floor! Everyone had a great time. Earliest estimates were that the Destination Delridge event raised over $85,000! I will always remember the warmth and generosity of the people at the Destination Delridge event. It made my heart glad!

-Dee Smolar

Destination Delridge 2017!

It’s Destination Delridge time again!

It’s my pleasure to share with you our plans for the 2nd annual Destination Delridge fundraising party, coming right up on Friday February 24th, from 6-9pm at Metropolist in SoDo.  Last year’s party was a hit, and we’ve got another great one in store for you.  Tickets are selling, get yours now!

We’ll have performances from AU Dance Collective, poet Carlynn Newhouse, singer/songwriter Monica Elenes, and more.  There will be a dessert dash, wine toss,

Ed Murray, Seattle Mayor, David Bestock, DNDA’s Executive Director, and Willard Brown, DNDA’s Director of Housing and Environmental Programs, at Destination Delridge 2016

raffle, and interactive artwork.  Plus, a delicious dinner, drinks, and a short program highlighting our recent accomplishments and growing momentum.
Then, stick around after dessert for a kickin’ dance party with mix maestro DJ Jyun Jyun.  Don your “urban formal” attire, and get ready for a great party, all in support of our groundbreaking programming here at DNDA.

We’ve had quite a year.  In 2016, we celebrated 20 years of DNDA and 10 years of our Youngstown Cultural Arts Center.  We led 9 events as part of our Delridge Cultural Events Series, we engaged over 175 students in experiential environmental education at our Wetlands Restoration & Stewardship Project, and we welcomed more than 45,000 people through the doors of our Youngstown Cultural Arts Center for classes, workshops, and programs rooted in youth arts and social justice.  Aaaaand, we merged (!) with longtime partner and Youngstown tenant Nature Consortium, bringing their amazing 18-year program under DNDA’s wing.  We are excited to sustain and grow all of Nature Consortium’s programming, including the Urban Forest Restoration Program, EcoArts Program, and the annual Arts In Nature Festival at Camp Long.

Come party with us on Friday February 24th to learn more, and to support our innovative and integrated programming model here in Delridge!  We are leading efforts in our community to offer ALL of our neighbors access to affordable housing, arts & culture, vibrant green spaces, education, and affordable healthy foods.

Join us, won’t you?

You’re Invited: Destination Delridge 2017

Dear Friend of DNDA, Youngstown, and Nature Consortium,

We invite you to be a part of our upcoming event, Destination Delridge.  Please join us as we celebrate DNDA’s continuing legacy of groundbreaking community work in Delridge and beyond.

February 24, 2017 will be an exciting evening filled with fabulous food, drink, live entertainment, music, art and interactive games.  Mingle and connect with 200 attendees who share your passion for social justice and our community, as we gather to support DNDA, Youngstown, and the addition of Nature Consortium as a DNDA program.  The evening’s venue, Metropolist in SoDo, incorporates urban elegance with turn of the century industrial style, and provides the perfect space.  Most importantly, proceeds from the event directly benefit the community that DNDA serves through affordable housing, arts and culture, preservation of green space, food justice, and education.  Now more than ever, your involvement and investment ensures that we can continue our vital programming, and our ongoing commitment to amplify the voices of all who live, work, and play in Delridge.

For the past 20 years, DNDA has brought together neighbors, non-profits, businesses and local government to build community. Together, we have built and preserved affordable housing, designed and developed a trail along Longfellow Creek, and brought a new library to the community. Today, our Cultural Events Series, Wetlands Restoration & Stewardship Project, Youth Programs at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, seven Affordable Housing sites and Nature Consortium’s Restoration work all showcase our vision for this community and the incredible potential that exists in Southwest Seattle.

Ticket page can be accessed here.

Thank you for your support,

David Bestock

DNDA Executive Director


WE HAVE A DREAM! MLK Day of Service Community Workshop

On Saturday, January 14th, United Way, King County and the Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association (DNDA) will bring you “We Have a Dream” Strengthening Community and the Futures of Our Youth Through Storytelling.

In King County, youth of color are being disproportionately referred to the juvenile justice system at a rate higher than their white peers. This disparity directly correlates to the deprivation of opportunities for youth of color and to socioeconomic inequality between whites and minorities.

King County has had a courageous response, implementing Peacemaking sentencing circles, working with Creative Justice, an arts-based restorative justice program, and developing Family Intervention and Restorative Services, a reception center for youth to “cool-off” and receive support as opposed to entering the system for charges related to family violence.

Even with the current strategies for impact, disparity is still present.

Through this workshop, DNDA and partners will steer a community conversation around restorative and alternative justice practices to raise awareness about racial inequity present in the conventional juvenile justice system. This event, supported by United Way of King County, will activate volunteers as partners to engage in storytelling, peacemaking circles, help foster emotional connections, and brainstorm realistic strategies for change. Snacks will be provided, open to the general public.

Guest Speakers

  • Judge Wesley Saint Clair – Chief Juvenile Judge, King County Superior Court
  • Saroeum Phoung – Peacemaking Circle Facilitator, CEO and Founder of PointOneNorth Consulting Consulting LLC
  • Jason Clark – Equity and Justice Advocate, King County Superior Court
  • Marcus Stubblefield – Systems Integration Coordinator, King County Youth Service

The event will take place at the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, 4408 Delridge Way SW, Seattle 98106 from 1:00 – 4:00pm!

Please see the poster and flyer attached and share within your networks.

Check out the Facebook event here.