Destination Delridge 2018

Save the date: Destination Delridge, Friday, March 2nd, 2018
Doors open at 6:00 pm @ Metropolist
2931 1st Ave S. Suite A, Seattle, WA 98134

Dear Friend of DNDA,

We invite you to be a part of our upcoming event, Destination Delridge: Oh, The Places We’ll Grow. Please join us as we celebrate DNDA’s continuing legacy of groundbreaking community work in ArtNature, and Neighborhood.

March 2, 2018 will be an exciting evening filled with fabulous food, drink, live entertainment, music, art and interactive games. Mingle and connect with 200+ attendees who share your passion for social justice and our community, as we gather to support DNDA’s Art, Nature, and Neighborhood programs. The evening’s venue, Metropolist in SoDo, incorporates urban elegance with turn of the century style and provides the perfect space. Most importantly, proceeds from the event directly benefit our community in Southwest Seattle. Today, our Let’s Talk Race SeriesWetlands Restoration & Stewardship ProjectYouth Programs at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center7 Affordable Housing sites and DNDA’s Restoration Program, all showcase our vision for this community. Now more than ever, your involvement ensures that we can continue our vital programming, and our ongoing commitment to amplify the voices of all who live, work and play in Delridge.

For the past 20 years, DNDA has brought together neighbors, non-profits, businesses and local government to build community in Delridge and beyond.

Thank you for your support,

David Bestock

EcoArts Fusion – Spring Nature Camp

Fusion Spring Nature Camp
At Camp Long
5200 35th Ave. SW – 
Seattle, WA 98126

DNDA’S Nature Consortium’s EcoArts Fusion Spring Nature Camp explores the intersection of nature and the arts with youth ages 6 to 12 at the Seattle 68-acre urban camping ground, Camp Long. Each session of our program is designed to foster deep personal connections to nature and the place we live, using art.

Fusion Spring program is designed to teach visual art, crafts, rhythm, and creative movement while introducing the fundamentals.

Classes are designed to be fun and gentle with age-appropriate physical, emotional, and social skills as they explore Vocabulary, Visual art, Photography, Movement, and Music.

Our objectives are fun, creativity, inspiration, imagination, and self-expression. Mixing of all medium classes is a great way to launch an early love of learning in these disciplines.

Fusion Spring Day Camp Session: April 9th – 13th

Daily Schedule

9:00am – 9:30am Warm up activity (games and activities in classroom)
9:30am – 2:30pm Camp program includes walking field trips, typically spending much of the day outside

12:00pm – 12:20pm Lunch time
2:30pm – 3:00pm Closing activity and snack (sketch journals for a reflective time)

*Families provide a morning snack and a sack lunch. We provide an afternoon snack (fresh fruit, granola bars, etc.).

 Click here for a registration form. Application Deadline is March 23, 2018. Limited scholarships available for low-income youth.


“Our Voices” Summer Music Program Recap

“Our Voices” Music Class at High Point and NewHolly – Summer 2017

This past summer, two very talented local hip hop artists came together to organize a 6-part curriculum for the youth of the High Point and New Holly neighborhoods: Our Voices Music Class. With a focus on the history of music and a goal of understanding hip-hop music of today, teaching artists Yohanna E. and Yirim Seck exposed their young learners to various art forms, and shared from their individual experiences as musicians, opening the door to the arts in a way that might not have been otherwise possible.

Throughout the course, students engaged in discussion, activities, and performance exercises centered on identifying their own unique stories. Each were given a notebook to record their verses and ideas along the way. At the end, Yohanna’s students went to visit a professional music studio in Tacoma, where they got a chance to produce a collaborative song. Listen below!


Our Voices Collaborative Song

We reached our goal!

Thank you, Community! Because of your generosity and support, we surpassed our goal of 100 donations of $100, coming in at 103.75%!! We are so grateful for your support, and are proud to have wrapped our centennial year in such a profound way. Thank you.

Our Historic Cooper School, a.k.a. Youngstown, turned 100 years old in 2017. Keeping true to its original purpose, the building – now Youngstown Cultural Arts Center (since 2006) – continues to be a place for youth education. Youngstown saw 45,000 visitors in 2016, bringing together youth and community members of all walks, and providing space for programming and projects around social and environmental justice, 3 floors of Affordable Housing, as well as special events.

Not only does Youngstown provide space in this way – it also houses 7 different non-profit organizations doing similar work. To name a few, The Service Board, SW Interagency Academy, Totem Star, Arts Corps, and Reel Grrls run programming at Youngstown and work in the community to develop the gifts of our youth, and provide direction for a career in the arts.

Thank you, again, for your outpouring of support. We feel empowered to know that our community shares a vision of expanding our work to serve the world through Art, Nature, and Neighborhood.

Learn more about us at and

Click here for photos from our centennial celebration, Youngstown 100.

With hope,



Open Canvas Eco Mural Project

NewHolly Summer Youth Program Participants

DNDA’s Summer Youth Program (SYP) 2017 at Seattle Housing Authority’s NewHolly and High Point communities has been exciting and successful on many levels!

DNDA’S Nature Consortium provided both NewHolly and High Point resident youth a variety of different classes and activities throughout the summer.

Open Canvas Eco-Mural Project was one of  several very successfully programs.

NewHolly Community Builder Phillippia Goldsmith’s idea of connecting NewHolly youth with art, community, and employment this summer came to the attention of DNDA’S Nature Consortium in light of our SYP 2017 program.  DNDA hired NewHolly coordinator Keats Landis, and creative and talented DNDA teaching artists Hosanna Tecle and Ellyn Rivers, to lead the project forward.

A group of 7 NewHolly youth were selected by SHA’s community builder Phillippia Goldsmith, and youth counselor Ty Griffiths. Two mural sites were donated, by the owners of Café Red, and SHA’s NewHolly management office.

Teaching Artists Hosanna Tecle and Ellyn Rivers

The goal of the project was to support youth participation in the arts, build leadership skills through art, explore cultural figures, community, environment, history, and the Seattle landscape, and develop a unique visual vocabulary of images and colors. Youth researched murals in and around Seattle as well as creating designs with the support of our teaching artists.

Over the course of 7 weeks, the youth had to create a schedule to complete the project, as well as assist in coordinating meetings with Lisa Dressler, Yeggy Michael, Zenia Pakker (videographer) and their artist leaders.

The group met 2 or sometimes 3 times per week for 3 hours over the course of 6 weeks.

We at DNDA, our participating youth, and the NewHolly and Othello/MLK communities, are proud and excited about the paintings created by these talented youth. The participants learned the importance of maintaining their responsibilities toward a job every week, and committed themselves to the project as well as showing respect for their artistic guides and community leaders.

The short insightful video documentary by Zenia Pakker underscores the success of the project. Watch below!

Learn about Zenia Pakker

Open Canvas Eco Mural Project

Wetland Park Design Reveal!

The Wetland Park Concept Plan is Here!

Attached you will find the conceptual plan for the Wetland Park.  The plan was produced by Pomegranate Center after gathering input from the greater community, project partners, educators and of course, DNDA.  

We are excited by the design, as it incorporates so many elements that were proposed by our young students at K-8 STEM school and by educators, who wanted to ensure that elements included in the design would aide them in developing curriculum for their 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grade classrooms.  Now that we have a conceptual plan, we can begin to have detailed discussions with the City Departments who will issue permits that will pave the way for eventual construction.

Please share everywhere as this is what many in the community have been waiting to see!!!

-Willard Brown, DNDA Director of Housing and Environmental Programs 





Recap: High Point vs. New Holly Community Soccer Tournament

Community Soccer Tournament – High Point vs. New Holly

DNDA’s Nature Consortium hosted this summer’s first soccer tournament during the Family Fun Fest between High Point vs. New Holly and it was a major success! The summer youth program, led by DNDA’S Nature Consortium and funded by Seattle Housing Authority, provides soccer opportunities for families and players to share a sport that is enjoyed around the world– and bringing our communities together on the Van Asselt field is always a pleasure and great fun for everyone!

New Holly and High Point teams were led by amazing coaches from each community, who created a positive and encouraging atmosphere for all kids involved, which was reflected in each game. We’re proud of all the boys and girls who participated in this year’s event, showing active listening skills, leadership, constructive communication, and most of all teamwork. Youth players perform better when they have people there to support them, so a BIG thank you to all the parents and family members that came to cheer on the players! Special thanks to Horn of Africa for the delicious and healthy food for everyone!

Great games, great weather, great food! See you all again soon!


Join the All At Once community with DNDA and Jack Johnson!

Our organization is teaming up with Jack Johnson on his 2017 Summer Tour and All At Once, a social action network connecting nonprofits with people who want to become active in their local and world community.  All At Once promotes sustainable local food systems and plastic free initiatives and encourages action through the Capture Your Commitment campaign. Collectively, individual actions create global change. Your actions, your voice, and your choices, all have a huge impact.

How can you take action?

Help us raise funds!  Jack Johnson’s charity is matching donations contributed to DNDA through September 1st, up to a total of $2,500.  Make a contribution right now and your money will be doubled by the Johnson Ohana Foundation!

Learn more and DOUBLE your impact here!


Delridge Wetlands Design Process: Final Plan Coming Soon!

As the design process is coming to a close, the future of the Delridge Wetlands Project is bright! Here is a recap of the Delridge Wetlands and an update on all of the design work that has gone into this community gem!

Located on 23rd Ave SW and SW Findlay St, the Delridge Wetlands is a grassroots project spearheaded by DNDA to protect, restore and expand the existing wetland to improve water quality in Longfellow Creek. Meanwhile developing the space as a public park, other plans for the project include an urban garden, a community orchard, and an outdoor classroom for local students to learn hands-on environmental science and wetland stewardship.

As we strive to make our collective dream of the Delridge Wetlands a reality, the first step was to gather community feedback and create a design master plan that combines our many visions. Earlier this spring, DNDA contracted with Pomegranate Center, a local community engagement consulting team, to lay out the design, technical, and building work of the Delridge Wetlands.

Kicking off the design process, our partners at Pomegranate Center began developing the first draft of their master plan in May. This process relied heavily on input from the project’s partners and included two day-long design forums as well as a third forum with local educators. Partners of the Delridge Wetlands and Stewardship Project include Seattle Green Spaces Coalition,, Seattle City Light, Seattle Public Utilities, Louisa Boren STEM K-8, Duwamish Alive Coalition, National Park Service, Tilth Alliance, City Fruit, and Solid Ground.

Strengthening DNDA’s relationship with local educators, Pomegranate Center created a curriculum that would enable students at Louisa Boren STEM K-8 to contribute to the Wetlands design plan through science experiments, art projects and presenting their projects at school. A class of both fifth and third graders studied wetland water function by testing water quality and different substrates, while two other third grade classes focused on studying plants, animal habitats and human activity. These topics included science experiments such as using a homemade clinometer to measure tree heights, testing soil quality, studying plant biofiltration capacity by observing water uptake in celery stalks, and researching specific needs for local wildlife habitats.


After conducting their experiments, students continued to create their personal vision of the Delridge Wetlands through clay models. Students were given a map of what the Delridge Wetlands currently looks like and used clay to redesign the space using their new knowledge of water features, plants and habitats.


Wrapping up the experiments and activities, students were able to share their findings at Louisa Boren K-8’s school-wide Project Based Learning Night. Meanwhile, DNDA was also tabling at the event to showcase the students’ findings, provide information about the Delridge Wetlands and invite families to the community-wide design open house that took place at DNDA’s Youngstown Cultural Arts Center on June 15. This open house provided Delridge Wetlands partners with valuable community feedback in response to Pomegranate Center’s initial designs that consisted of 3 alternative plans. This essential community feedback, combined with input from local students and educators, will allow our design team to create a master plan for the Delridge Wetlands that encompasses all of our collective visions.

With that, the design process is coming to a close– keep your eyes peeled! The final design of the Delridge Wetlands is expected to be announced in late July. Until then, feel free to visit the wetlands site at 23rd Ave SW and SW Findlay to see our progress with your own eyes!

We are pleased to have so many community members already planning to contribute their time and energy volunteering to help clean up the site, to participate in sheet mulching the site and to participate in removal of invasive species on the perimeter of the proposed park site.  To connect to the project and to volunteer for work parties planned for summer and fall please contact Willard Brown, DNDA’s Director of Housing and Environmental Programs.



Delridge Wetlands Design Community Open House!!!

Please join DNDA for a Community Open House as we welcome our design team from Pomegranate Center to share their proposed design for the Delridge Wetlands Park! At the Open House you will have opportunity to see how the input of educators and project partners has been woven into an overall design.  We will be gathering your input and feedback to help inspire the final design and formation of this community gem in Delridge!

The Delridge Wetland located on 23rd Ave SW and SW Findlay St, is a project spearheaded by DNDA to protect, restore, preserve and expand the existing wetland to improve water quality in Longfellow Creek, meanwhile developing the space as a public park for all to enjoy. Beside wetland restoration, other plans for the park include the creation of an urban garden, community orchard, as well as developing the space as an outdoor classroom for local students and the community to learn hands-on environmental science and wetland stewardship. If you get the chance, stop by and view the site!

Thanks to our partners, sponsors and donors, we have hired the wonderful Pomegranate Center to create a master plan design for the Delridge Wetlands, which they will be presenting to the community during our Open House on June 15th.

We hope you can join us and add your recommendations for this project!