The Promenade Gallery

Current Exhibit

Collective Art Show at Youngstown March - May 2021

We're so happy to be featuring art in the hallways of Youngstown Cultural Arts Center for the first time since COVID.

As the building remains closed to the public for the time being, we hope you'll enjoy this virtual exhibition of some of the artists in the show.

Please send purchase inquiries directly to the artist.

Mansa Musa

Mujale Chisebuka Acrylic and oil pen on canvas 24×36 Website This painting symbolized black excellence and wealth. It’s model after The King of Mali who is considered one of the wealthiest men in history. Like many other powerful black figures, stories like his were minimized in my educational experience and Black excellence was never…

Moon Bird

Yeggy Michael Retouched Giclee print on canvas 24×36 Website

Heroes (Mixed Culture)

Mujale Chisebuka Acrylic on canvas 20×6 Website Connecting Zambian culture with American culture. In the middle is a Zambian warrior mask and to the right and left are the masks of superheroes aka American warriors. This is a picture of putting aside difference and uniting for the greater good of humanity.

The African Queen

Acrylic on canvas 36×24 Mujale Chisebuka Black, Bold, Strong, Powerful, Rich… Beautiful, Image of Africa as the Queen she is.


Arcylic on canvas 20×24 – SOLD Erika Bell

Fall Trees with Bicycle

Fall Trees with Bicycle Oil on canvas 18×24 Rance C. Holiman

Snow Outside my Window

Rance C. Holiman Oil on canvas 24×30 Instagram

Mujale Chisebuka

As an artist, I love creating art that speaks to myself and others about life and all the things it encompasses. Beauty, culture, special moments, nature, fear, triumph, ups the downs. Life is an amazing and mysterious miracle that I can only try to attempt to understand but I love the adventure of trying to capture it and turning it into art.

Erika Bell

I'm a multidisciplinary artist observing the richness of everyday Black existence, and the relationship between humanity and divinity.

Rance Holliman

Artist born and raised in Seattle Washington. I found myself emerged in art at a very early age. Email me at

Yeggy Michael

My vision is to provoke questions about natural cycles, provide a sense of place and to reflect on the movement of time. My paintings, I consider personal works though they are  for others. They are positive contacts for vibrant thoughts and spiritual moments. I use mosaic to illustrate the unity and lusciousness of diversity. While the use of mosaic creates  a metaphor for these cycles with pieces and rocks in fragments, My mosaics are public art

In order to provide a sense of place for my audience to connect with, as a professional artist  I reinterpret the abstract and reality of the cyclical nature of things. I integrate my green approach to art with growing a design solution as part of a team. I integrate architectural structures and mosaic works, using recycled stone, glass, aluminum, and ceramic with ease. Sharing my work with spaces of infrastructure is the synthesis of a  long-term relationship, and embedded in it will be this very moment in history that prolongs its memory in our minds.

Past Exhibits

  • Das Wald (The Woods) by Richard Kent

  • Foolish Fish, Richard Kent

  • Cooper Artists Open House

  • North Hallway, Youngstown