Credible Messenger Mentorship Workshop


What is Credible Messenger Mentorship?
A Transformation Process
 through which individuals from similar backgrounds work to increase protective factors by engaging both pre- and post-adjudicated youth in structured and intentional relationships, utilizing tools such as CBT journaling, community service, civic engagements and activities that help them change their attitudes, beliefs, and actions.
Curriculum-Centered – In each Transformative Mentoring group, a team of Credible Messenger mentors facilitates a curriculum-based lesson or activity. The curriculum is based on seven pillars/themes that make up the Covenant of Peace. Group sessions can cover a curriculum module or provide youth with opportunities for engagement in a community service project or education experience.

Why Credible Messenger Mentorishop?
Professional Development – Credible Messengers are certified through an intensive 40-hour workshop in Congitive Behvaioral Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI, Restorative Principles (RP), Positive Youth Development (PYD), Engagement Techniques and Curriculum Development.
Collective Impact – Connecting youth to a consortium of community based partners/providers who then work collaboratively with each other to support youth greatly increases the opportunities for engagement with you referred to programming.

Who Are Our Credible Messenger Mentors?
Community Connects & Support 
–A pro-social mentorship intervention to uplift youth and establish connections to local leaders who they will see in he community long after a work or school day is over, furthering the accountability in attitude and behavioral change.
Community-Based Leadership – Professionals, experienced youth advocates and individuals with relevant life experiences whose role is to help youth transform attitudes and negative behaviors. They serve youth whose needs go far beyond the traditional mentoring approach of companionship, confidence-building, and typical academic, social, or career guidance.

Credible Messenger Mentorship is held at DNDA’s Youngstown Cultural Arts Center through partnership with King County Superior Court. Click to learn more.

4408 Delridge Way SW, Seattle, WA 98106