DNDA Community Art Challenge

Hello DNDA Community!
To help make this world feel a little bit more connected while we are all practicing physical distancing, we have launched the DNDA Community Art Challenge series! This is an all-inclusive project, so all ages and skill levels are encouraged to join in the fun. Here is how it works:

1. EcoArts Teaching Artists Molly Duttry and Madison Bristol will announce a new prompt every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday through May 15 at @delridgeneighborhoods on Instagram and Facebook to inspire your creations. These prompts center around intertwining art with nature and sustainability.

2. You are welcome to interpret the prompt in any way. There are no wrong answers.

3. CREATE using any materials and in any artistic discipline of your choosing. Molly and Madison will often choose the mediums of visual arts and dance, but we invite you to write poetry, take photos, make music…anything goes!

4. Share your work with us! There are many ways to do this:
Comment with a picture of your work in the post we will make announcing each day’s art prompt. You can find this in the discussion section of this event page.

You could tag us in a post on Facebook (Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association – DNDA) or Instagram (@delridgeneighborhoods) AND type #heartspace in your photo description. NOTE – If your poge is private, we will not be able to see your work!

You could post in your Instagram or Facebook Story and tag us.

You could send us a direct message on Facebook or Instagram.

Or, lastly, you can email your work to ecoarts@dnda.org.

We will always ask for permission to share your work.

Join us in creating something special during this unprecedented time. We look forward to seeing your creations! ♥
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