Arts in Nature Festival - Activities

light love yoga project


Saturday & Sunday at the Meadow: 11:30-12:30

Enjoy yoga with the Light Love Yoga Project by Gina Colorossi. Her classes are rooted in integrity of alignment and engagement and intention in every moment with sequencing that is thoughtful, deliberate, balanced, and challenging. She brings her knowledge of the human body to each practice which adds extra layers of depth and understanding to the mind-body experience. Gina’s teachings seamlessly translate to everyday life, a connection she encourages students to make.



Saturday at the Lodge: 11:15-11:45
Sunday at the Lodge: 11:00-11:30

Cadence: Video Poetry Festival, presented by Northwest Film Forum, programmed in collaboration with author Chelsea Werner-Jatzke, is a series of screenings, workshops, and discussions on the genre of video poetry throughout National Poetry Month. Now in its second year, Cadence has grown considerably to fill a gap in the presentation of video poetry in the Pacific Northwest.

Constance-Mears-Dream-Hatching - Constance Mears


Dream Hatching gives you an opportunity to help create an enchanting 5-foot wide nest, find your flock, and rekindle your dream. Constance Mears is an artist, writer and mystic who shares bird wisdom in workshops and at festivals. She is author of "Dream Hatching: Bring Your Dream to Life" and "The Bumbling Mystic's Obituary." Her paintings of birds' nests can be seen at

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Break dance workshop with Vicious Puppies. Our program begins with a high‐energy performance to captivate the audience followed by a brief history lesson of the dance and introduction of each member. After introductions, we invite all members of the audience to participate in an interactive workshop where we teach how to construct a routine from beginning to end. Finally, the program concludes with a second performance and a short Q/A.

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Arts in Nature Festival is all about the community! Come check out the Community Village at the Meadow, where we invited local organizations to table. This year's organizations include Conservation Northwest, New Horizons, KEXP, Saboroso Catering, Latino Community Fund, and the Common Acre.

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Have you ever witnessed a person hula hoop for the first time?  Have you ever found yourself lost in an amazing hoop session?  Have you ever smiled or experienced joy for some reason related to hooping?  It’s in these hooping moments where numerous smiles and great joy have been generated. Hooping inspires a joy that can change the world and bring people together in peace. Try out a few hula hoops with Hoopsmiles in the Meadow!

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Ever wanted to unleash your inner Bob Ross? Here’s your chance to paint happy little clouds and much more! Dabble with still life, live models, landscapes, and more! DNDA's EcoArts program will be hosting canvas painting activities in the Meadow. Supplies will be provided.



Candeias Capoeira offer a high-energy workout with many facets– martial arts, self-expression, acrobatics, self-defense, music (instruments and singing), and Portuguese language in the Meadow. Capoeira is a sport for all ages, genders, body types and levels. It is a great opportunity to gain strength and confidence in a supportive community.