Help with Local Water Quality Monitoring!

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For the second year in a row, we are looking for local teens to join us in conducting water quality assessments of an urban creek connected to the Duwamish River!

This position is open to students ages 14 through 18. We will go out and conduct water quality tests from 3:30 to 4:30 pm on each of the following dates: Wednesday, April 20; Wednesday, June 22; and Wednesday, August 17. Participants will learn water quality testing techniques and receive a $25 gift card for their time.

Under supervision of our staff, we will teach you how to conduct these tests, which will contribute to the understanding of the physical and chemical status of the watershed. This project is part of a collaborative effort with the Duwamish Tribe to study the development of a Ridge to River Trail connecting the Duwamish Longhouse and Cultural Center to other sites within the West Duwamish Greenbelt.

The West Duwamish Greenbelt is approximately 550 acres, the largest contiguous forest remaining in the City of Seattle. The proposed trail would link South Seattle College, Pathfinder K-8 School, Herrings House Park, həʔapus Village Park (previously known as T-107 Park), and the longhouse. The planning process for the trail is currently underway, and requires finding a trail route through the densely wooded wildlife habitat, wetlands and stream channels, steep slopes and landslide hazard areas all present in the greenbelt.

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