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We are proud to share with you that DNDA has been awarded $20,000 from Seattle’s Office of Economic Development Only in Seattle 2018 grant! The grant is part of a collaborative effort between the Office of Economic Development, Department of Transportation, and Department of Neighborhoods to support the health of small businesses in various Seattle neighborhoods, and the communities to which they are intimately connected.

Seattle is in the midst of robust economic growth. This has brought on transformational changes to our city and its neighborhoods, with Delridge being no exception.

Delridge is unique to some of Seattle’s other neighborhoods: This neighborhood is home to the largest percentage of youth under 18, as well as an expansive and intersecting community of individuals and families of various religious, ethnic, and racial identities with a common interest in the health of the community and its many facets.

DNDA’s intention is to lead the way for the development of a Delridge Business District, to help establish a business identity representative of the Delridge community, and undertake projects important to the well-being of our neighborhood.

Our project proposal includes initiatives to:

  • reduce and/or eliminate perennial environmental problems
  • improve the infrastructure of our roads and sidewalks
  • attract businesses that address community needs (like grocery stores that provide fresh foods and healthy options)
  • retain and improve on the health of businesses owned and operated by women and people of color

And, other inclusive and collaborative projects throughout 2018!

We will keep you informed of our progress with Only in Seattle initiatives, and other DNDA projects!

Learn more about Only in Seattle

-Intale Shuba, DNDA AmeriCorps VISTA