"Our Voices" Summer Music Program Recap

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“Our Voices” Music Class at High Point and NewHolly – Summer 2017

This past summer, two very talented local hip hop artists came together to organize a 6-part curriculum for the youth of the High Point and New Holly neighborhoods: Our Voices Music Class. With a focus on the history of music and a goal of understanding hip-hop music of today, teaching artists Yohanna E. and Yirim Seck exposed their young learners to various art forms, and shared from their individual experiences as musicians, opening the door to the arts in a way that might not have been otherwise possible.

Throughout the course, students engaged in discussion, activities, and performance exercises centered on identifying their own unique stories. Each were given a notebook to record their verses and ideas along the way. At the end, Yohanna’s students went to visit a professional music studio in Tacoma, where they got a chance to produce a collaborative song. Listen below!


Our Voices Collaborative Song