Recap: High Point vs. New Holly Community Soccer Tournament

Community Soccer Tournament – High Point vs. New Holly

DNDA’s Nature Consortium hosted this summer’s first soccer tournament during the Family Fun Fest between High Point vs. New Holly and it was a major success! The summer youth program, led by DNDA’S Nature Consortium and funded by Seattle Housing Authority, provides soccer opportunities for families and players to share a sport that is enjoyed around the world– and bringing our communities together on the Van Asselt field is always a pleasure and great fun for everyone!

New Holly and High Point teams were led by amazing coaches from each community, who created a positive and encouraging atmosphere for all kids involved, which was reflected in each game. We’re proud of all the boys and girls who participated in this year’s event, showing active listening skills, leadership, constructive communication, and most of all teamwork. Youth players perform better when they have people there to support them, so a BIG thank you to all the parents and family members that came to cheer on the players! Special thanks to Horn of Africa for the delicious and healthy food for everyone!

Great games, great weather, great food! See you all again soon!