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On Saturday, April 28, the auditorium inside the High Point Community Center filled with eager residents of the West Seattle community and beyond to learn more about Islam in DNDA’s third event of the Let’s Talk Race Series: Understanding Islam.

Two engaging facilitators opened the discussion with the importance of their names in shaping who they are. They then asked participants to do the same with people around them and share the significance of their own names in order to understand the intersections of similarities and differences between us all–a theme that permeated throughout the event. As the discussion continued, the facilitators went through the Five Pillars of Islam and encouraged participants to listen and learn about how these pillars shape Islam and what it means for Muslims to adopt them into their everyday lives. Coming together to close the event, a ‘popcorn-style’ sharing circle urged participants to bring any thoughts or feelings into the space, fostering a sense of how this experience brought them to a greater level of closeness within their own community. Dinner followed the circle and many reflected over the afternoon of learning and opening their minds to understanding the importance and beauty of Islam.

A special thanks to our sponsor the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, the High Point Community Center for offering the space, Metropolitan Market for their donation of snacks, Lovage Seattle for catering the community dinner and all volunteers and participants who attended the event.

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