Summer CampOuts at Camp Long Recap

Summer CampOut’s at Camp Long: In both July and August DNDA, along with program partners Camp Long and the National Wildlife Federation, ran two CampOut programs. The CampOut program provides families living in Affordable Housing the opportunity to spend the night in cabins at Camp Long in West Seattle and provides a weekend camping experience to these families who might not otherwise have this experience due to economic or cultural barriers. Over these two weekends, we served over 36 families and 190 individuals total with most people living at either High Point or, for the first time in this program’s seven year history, residents living in DNDA’s Affordable Housing properties.  Through this immersive nature connection program, participants experience the power of place making and gain a sense of belonging in the natural world around them and within a community of their peers.

As part of the program, youth learned about the natural world from Parks Naturalists, did art projects with DNDA’s Nature Consortium’s EcoArt Staff, played games, engaged in team building exercises and went rock climbing with Camp Long Challenge Course Staff! After dinner, families got to participate in a traditional campfire program complete with songs, marshmallow roasting and stories told by professional Native Storyteller, Roger Fernandes.

Both CampOuts were a huge success with many families really enjoying their experience with this program.

Nicholas Poccia

Community Connector