Cultural & Justice Programming

Let's Talk Tace Series

With sponsorship from the Department of Neighborhoods Community Partnerships Fund, and support from local partners and community advocates DNDA will produce 8 events in 2018 that will challenge institutional racism and foster a culture of belonging in the Delridge Community by connecting organizations and individuals through film, dialogue, storytelling and restorative justice.

Historically, in this nation, racial equity work has focused on the binary of black and white constructs and has prohibited cultural communities from contributing and participating in discussions around the perils of institutional racism in America. It is through this new project that DNDA seeks to take a step forward to breakdown the barriers across cultures and magnify additional voices and perspectives from the larger community.

With guidance from the larger Delridge community, and led by the leadership committee each event will engage and guide participants through the history of human development and into our formation of racial injustice. Adult and youth facilitators will use a variety of discussion methods, including relevant films and varying experiential activities to provide a basis of historical understanding for participants. Discussions at each event will be led using the restorative justice practices of peace making and healing circles to breakdown implicit barriers, remove existing cultural misunderstandings and facilitate honest dialogue.

Restorative justice is a theory of justice that emphasizes repairing the harm caused by immoral behavior. Historically, we have seen restorative justice lead to transformations of people, relationships and communities. Restorative Justice is an ancient practice that has re-emerged over the past 35 years as an international alternative to criminal justice practice. We will also use storytelling as a tool, not only to empower participants, but to serve as a vehicle for giving and receiving support as we work through individual and group experiences.

By serving over 2,000 community members of various ethnic/cultural communities that make the Delridge corridor their home and by engaging the community through a foundation of critical dialogue, restorative justice practices and storytelling, we will help individuals develop a greater self-awareness to work on themselves, to heal wounds in the presence of community, and to see similarities and the common humanity present in those around them. At the same time, these events will allow individuals to learn skills, practices and gain access to resources that will position them to ask difficult questions and re-imagine a community centered around understanding and deep sense of belonging for those in Delridge.

Cultural Events Series 2016

Over the years there has been a growing discussion for a need to bridge the gap between the diverse array of cultural groups that live and work within Southwest Seattle. With sponsorship from the Department of Neighborhoods Matching fund grant DNDA brought a series of Cultural Events to the Delridge community in 2016. The series brought together over 38 community organizations and businesses, provided over 20 local artists and instructors with paid opportunities to share their talents, served over 1,500 community members and provided over 20 youth with the opportunity to support and plan events.

These events were held at DNDA’s Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, the Vietnamese Cultural Center, Camp Long and other venues in the neighborhood to showcase the rich cultural heritage of Delridge. Events included showcases of performing arts groups, youth poetry slams, cultural food and social justice events. As a result of this cultural series there has been an increase in collaborative efforts between organizations, residents and a greater awareness of the various cultures and customs that thrive within our community. This project has allowed those who call Delridge home to develop a greater connection to each other and to the many services that each of us provide. When there is a focus on telling stories, sharing resources and building relationships across cultures and perspectives we can continue to shape the positive growth of Delridge.