Strong winds and possible power outages 3/10

The National Weather Service is forecasting strong winds early Friday morning.  Winds of 25 to 35 miles per hour with gusts to 50 miles per hour will occur from 1 AM to as late as 10 AM over Western Washington.  This would include impacts associated with downed trees and tree branches including isolated power outages.  Public Health – Seattle & King County would like to highlight risks associated with power outages.


How to stay healthy if you lose electricity:

Prevent carbon monoxide poisoning

Translated carbon monoxide information for communities with Limited English Proficiency

Avoid eating spoiled food during power failures

  • Keep refrigerator and freezer doors closed as much as possible to keep the cold air inside.
  • Refrigerated foods should be safe if the doors are kept closed and the power is only out for a few hours.  Foods that remain frozen are not a risk.
  • Some foods that have spoiled may still look and smell fine.  When in doubt, throw it out!
  • More on food safety during power outages:

Medical needs at home

  • If possible, charge or store extra batteries (check with your medical supply company and get information regarding a back-up power source such as a battery or generator) for medical equipment.
  • Call 911 or visit an emergency department if a medical emergency arises.