The Delridge Business Survey and Outreach Project




Dear Business Owner: 

The Delridge Neighborhood Economic Development Steering Committee formed of Delridge residents, businesses and stakeholders are asking for your input in planning a vibrant and thriving Delridge Business District.  This is an opportunity for you to tell us about your business and your business assistance needs.  Whether you are a longstanding member of the business community, or a recent startup business, you have business assistance needs.  We want to take action and provide business support with your needs in mind.  The information you share will be used as the cornerstone for future recommendations to the City of Seattle, community partners and other stakeholders.  Information gathered will only be used by these partners for the sole purpose of business support.

· Why should I fill out this survey?
Your answers will help inform strategies that will allow us to target strategic businesses district action items and individual business needs.

 · Do I have to complete this survey?
No. Your participation in this survey is completely voluntary.

 · Do I have to answer all of the questions?
If you do not want to answer a question or do not have an opinion you can leave it blank. But the more information you provide, the more accurate and useful our analysis will be.

 · How is “Delridge Business District” defined?
Delridge Way corridor, between the West Seattle Bridge to the north, and extending south to the area surrounding the intersection with SW Sylvan Way.  There are four “nodes” of development identified in the neighborhood plan, which include the areas around the cross streets of SW Andover Street, SW Genesee Street, SW Brandon Street, and SW Sylvan Way.

 This project is sponsored by the City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, Delridge Neighborhood Development Association and the West Seattle Chamber of Commerce.
Key findings of this project will be reported to the public as soon as they are available via local media and the DNDA website:, West Seattle Chamber website:, and at a community meeting in August.

 Outcomes of the Survey 

· Ambassadors will conduct surveys for 2 weeks 

· Analyze results and generate analysis and recommendations 

· Findings will be presented to the community in July 

· The data will be used to support next steps for collective action among business owners, the City of Seattle, community non-profit partners and the West Seattle Chamber of Commerce


We appreciate your time and look forward to your responses. 

If you have additional questions, please contact Parie Hines.

DBSOP Press Release

Thank you for your help in the continued REVITALIZATION of our community!