A Walk in the Woods with Spring Nature Camp

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The EcoArts Fusion Spring Camp put on this spring by DNDA was a week full of creativity, exploration, and collaboration at the beautiful Camp Long. For years, Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association has offered a free spring camp focused on outdoor activities for youth from the High Point neighborhood. We are grateful to all the families, teachers, and nature that helped to make the 2023 camp experience a success.

The group after their gardening project with oregano to take home to their families

The youth engaged in activities ranging from nature journaling to collaborative painting, gardening, playing, and much more in a week of adventure. Our 11 participants, aged 6 to 13, brought their own knowledge, experience in nature and readiness to connect each day — despite the rainy weather! Even through the drizzle, we found warmth through adaptability and engaging deeply.

Youth working on a collective painting together in the sun

Our camp was led by teaching artist Lo Metoyer and co-teachers Intale Shuba (moonlighting from his usual role as DNDA’s Programs and Development Coordinator) and Bilen Yegizaw, who together designed meaningful arts-based lessons and fun play time for the kids to explore different mediums and learn how to work together.

Some program highlights from the camp were painting projects, nature journaling, gardening with Nicole Parish-Andrews from Camp Long, and a nature walk with Ben Antonius, DNDA’s Restoration Program Coordinator. The students saw creatures of all kinds! A flying hawk, a playful hummingbird, and lots of slimy and cute bugs.

The group mid-way through a forest walk in Camp Long

Based on feedback from the kids and parents, and teachers- Spring Camp was a success. The program allowed kids to enjoy their spring break by reconnecting with nature, tapping into their creativity, and forming friendships. The positive feedback we’ve received from the youth and their families reflects the impact DNDA has had in the High Point community. Our Spring Camp was a huge success thanks to the support of our Nature team, Camp Long, and our teaching artists.  It could not have happened without them!

-Written by DNDA EcoArts Program Coordinator Erin Kollar