We’re kicking off Black History Month with exciting news: FREE Youngstown art classes are back! Celebrating some of our most iconic Black leaders, local artist Rae Akino is leading a 4-part mixed media art class for adults. Sign up using the form below!

Friday Classes from 6-8pm:
February 21 (Portrait; Based on the works of Audre Lorde & Zora Neale Hurston)
February 28 (Portrait; Based on the works of Miriam Makeba)
March 13 (Body in motion; Dancer)
March 20 (Body In Motion; Dancer)

WHERE: Youngstown Cultural Arts Center – Room 111
4408 Delridge Way SW, Seattle, WA 98106

Register for classes below!

Rae Akino
Rae is a Seattle-based, DC-born self-taught visual artist who tells stories of self-identity, sexuality,
Afrocentrism, spirituality, mental health, and more, through their work.
“Telling stories that are unheard or undervalued gives greater meaning to any work.” -RA
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Adult Art Class with Rae Akino

    *Registration is closed for March 13th. If spots open up, we will send out a notification via email.

Questions? Please contact ecoarts@dnda.org or the DNDA office