Oceans: The Type of Way Oceans Make Ismahan Feel

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Note: This post was produced in 2022 by a participant in DNDA’s Summer Youth Program writing workshop led by Beverly Aarons.

Author: Ismahan S.

The ocean is a place where people go to enjoy themselves. People usually go to the beach to do activities such as swimming, running, having a party, going fishing, surfing, scuba diving, sailing, and so much more.  A beach is a pebbly or sandy shore that leads to the ocean. The person that I interviewed for this topic is Ismahan, not me but another Ismahan. She is 15-years-old and in the 10th grade.  She loves the ocean and the way that it makes her feel.

People like to go to the ocean for a sense of calmness and clarity or for meditation or to watch the scenery. Like Ismahan, she likes the way that it makes her feel. She said that she feels relaxed with the ocean or that she wants to explore more of the ocean.  When she was younger, she said that she felt calm going to the ocean.

Lots of people like to go to the ocean because of the animals. Ismahan loves the animals in the ocean. The reason why she loves it is “because they are all different and unique, also that there’s so much that we don’t know about.”

Her favorite animal is dolphins. Fun fact about dolphins: Dolphins sleep with one eye closed and the other open to watch out for predators. That’s really fascinating because like Ismahan said “they are all different and unique, also that there’s so much that we don’t know about.”

As much as we love the ocean and the scenery, some people have a fear of it, for instance, Ismahan, she kind of has a fear of the ocean. When she was younger, she used to be near the water but would also be scared, because if she were to fall in she feels like she would drown because she doesn’t know how to swim. Ismahan never learned to swim when she was younger, but she plans on learning to swim.

There are so many different types of beaches in Washington. Some of the beaches that Ismahan would recommend are Alki beach and Washington Lake, Rocky Beach, Angle Lake and Golden Gardens. In the King County area, there are a total of 10 or more  beaches. It’s hard to find any sandy beaches in Seattle, but not impossible. Some sandy beaches in Seattle are Madison Park Beach, Matthews Beach Park, Alki Beach, and so much more.

The beach is a place where lots of people do different things. Some people go to rest their mindsets, others go because of the scenery, also because it’s breezy and calming and refreshing. Some even go to just spend the day there with their family.  So take your family and spend a wonderful day at the beach.