Events Series

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 3.11.35 PMCultural Events Series 2016

World Dance Party, April 29th at the Delridge Community Center

World Dance Party is a fun gathering designed to get neighbors to interact and celebrate culture and diversity in a potluck setting. Everyone from all backgrounds and ages is welcome. Several multicultural dances will be taught by volunteer instructors and everyone will be invited to join in dancing. No lectures, just food, dancing and community!

Summer Kickoff, June 10th at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center

Totem Star presents Summer Kickoff, an annual youth arts showcase featuring music, dance, spoken word, and more. Singer/songwriters, bands, emcees, poets, dance crews, and DJs ages 12-21 build life skills and community through helping plan, promote, and produce the event. Attendance open to the general public.

Environmental Education Station, June 18th at Camp Long

The City of Seattle Parks and Recreation in collaboration with King Conservation District brings you the Environmental Education Station at Camp Long. Led by youth from the LEEF leadership program (Leaders in Environment Equity and Facilitation), this will be a day of hands-on Environmental Education Learning and activities in the 68-acre wooded forest. Everyone is welcome, food will be provided as well as rock climbing, challenge courses, zip lining and more!

Eid al-Fitr, July 11th at the Delridge Community Center

Eid al-Fitr, also known as the Feast of Fast-Breaking marks the end of Ramadan and the start of a joyous 3-day feast. During the last few days of Ramadan (the charity of fast breaking), families give a donation to the poor in the form of various foods to ensure every family can participate in the celebration. Many Muslims dress in their finest clothes, adorn their homes with lights, and decorations and special foods are prepared. Join us for a presentation on the history and importance of this holiday, wonderful foods, crafts and more! Everyone is welcome and food will be provided.

Delridge Day, August 13th at the Delridge Community Center park and Skate park

This annual one-day neighborhood festival is organized by VIEWS, a non-partisan community organization comprised of local citizens creating programming to educate, engage & mobilize West Seattle citizens to sustain and improve the quality of life and services available across the peninsula. Come celebrate together with food, fun, games, music and more! This year we are bringing the DNDA Cultural Stage that will feature a diverse range of performances!  Please join us in celebrating the Delridge Community!

Children’s Moonlight Festival, September 11th at the Vietnamese Cultural Center

The Children’s Moonlight Festival is known as Tết Nhi Đồng or Tết Trung Thu (Mid-Autumn Festival) in Vietnam. This event at the Vietnamese Cultural Center will include story telling, tasty delights such as mooncakes (a traditional sweet treat), and a children’s lantern parade led by a lion dance. It is an exciting opportunity for families to visit, learn about, and participate in a Vietnamese tradition for children.

Dia de los Muertos Celebration, November 1st at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center

El Dia de los Muertos (the Day of the Dead) is a celebration in Latin America where family and friends come to celebrate and remember loved ones who have passed on. Join us for a viewing of the altar and ofrendas (offerings), sugar Calaveras (skeletons and skulls), performances, face painting and more! The event will be from 5:00-8:00pm, food will be provided, and it is open to the general public.

Race: The Power of an Illusion Film Screening, November 12th at Youngstown Cultural Center

This half-day event from 1:00pm-6:00pm will include a screening of the film in 3 parts, small group break out activities, and discussions after each film episode. We will end the day with a community reflection and a call to action to challenge our perceptions of race and build new knowledge to help us collectively navigate race and racism in our community and our lives. A community dinner will follow.  Stay tuned for details about the event by joining the Facebook Event page.

Youth Speaks Poetry Slam, December 16th at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center

Since 2003, Youth Speaks Seattle has held an annual poetry slam series to build community, showcase the next generation of Seattle’s poetic changemakers, and to decide the top 5 poets to rep Seattle at Brave New Voices (BNV), the International Youth Poetry Slam Festival. This year, the winners will travel to Washington, D.C. for BNV 2016: The Wild Card is the final slam before the GRAND SLAM! This slam poetry event will be from 6:30pm-9:oopm.