Weekly walk-in figure drawing classes with Jamie Bollenbach, MFA:
Learn proportion, value, expression and creative practice. An inexpensive, all-levels course with Jamie Bollenbach, MFA. $20 per class, email Jamie Bollenbach with questions.

For artists, illustrators, and anyone who wants to try their hand at figure drawing. Seattle’s longest-running walk-in, gently-instructed Live Model Figure Drawing class is now at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center every Thursday at 5pm.

Jamie Bollenbach presents an open approach to timeless realistic drawing techniques, all held in an atmosphere where you learn and practice at your own pace, with professional level guidance as you need it.

We help artists build a foundation for personal expression and long-term creative development, at an individual pace, and to fit the artist’s own goals. Jamie works work with artists at beginning to advanced levels with everything from core observational skills in proportion, light, shadow and perspective to advanced problems of composition, effective illustration and the representation of the figure in contemporary art.

For fine artists, hobbyists, illustrators in training or practicing or the new art students alike, there’s nothing else like it in town: professional art guidance, learn at your own pace, low cost, high quality, no commitment.

Seattle area artists who’d like to practice or develop their skills are all welcome at my Wednesday and Thursday classes, held every week, 5PM at the A&C Classroom in the U District, and 5PM Thursday at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center in West Seattle.  College programs will often accept hours here for credit towards other academic programs, and the classes are often a good way to meet other artists who work in fine arts and illustration.

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4408 Delridge Way SW, Seattle, WA 98106