Longfellow Creek Diaries Project

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DNDA in partnership with the Southwest Seattle Historical Society, Tom Reese, and the Duwamish Alive Coalition has launched the Longfellow Creek Diaries Project to collect community memories of the creek.

The iconic Longfellow Creek runs the length of West Seattle. From its headwaters at Roxhill all the way to Elliot Bay, Longfellow Creek is an important part of this city’s story and that of our community. We want your personal stories of the creek in this community Diary of Longfellow – past experiences, current activities or special memories all help tell the tapestry of Longfellow’s story.

CLICK HERE to submit a diary entry and share your memories of Longfellow Creek!

If you have any historic photographs of the creek that you would like to share as part of this project, please email museum@loghousemuseum.org with:

  1. Your Name
  2. A description of the photograph
  3. Any relevant ownership/copyright information related to the photograph
  4. A copy of the photograph, if possible