From everyone at DNDA: THANK YOU!!

This past Friday was our annual Destination Delridge fundraiser party. This year’s theme was “Oh the places we’ll Grow!” where we explored and celebrated the integration of art, nature, and neighborhood growth within the Delridge community. And boy was it a success! We would like to extend a very big thank you to all of our amazing performers, speakers, and attendees, without whom none of what we do here at DNDA would be possible!

The night was highlighted by the opening words of talented MC, Carlynn Newhouse, whose youthful energy and rejuvenating enthusiasm kicked the night off with excitement!

Throughout the night we saw great sights and were joined by a high flier during the acrobatic performance by The Cabiri. Whose twists, spins, ravels, and unravels were enough to make our collective stomach’s jump! Her daring aerial silk performance was marvelous, and reminded us all of the success possible when you focus your strengths on an incredible task.

In the true essence of the theme of the night we witnessed the talented and courageous Jayza Duhan perform her positively profound opera production of “Climb Every Mountain.” Her spirit was contagious, bringing the audience to their feet and reminding all in attendance of the power of personal growth, and to not let inhibitions stop anyone from finding their dreams.

The night finally wrapped up with our shoes full of feet (and in some cases shoes kicked off of feet) steering us to the dance floor where we broke it down to hits and jams provided by Goody Bagg.

Thank you to all for the positive energy, support, and donations that inspire and allow DNDA to make the integration of art, nature, and community the ethos of the Delridge neighborhood.

And here’s the link to the photo booth shots from DIWAS Photography!

OH, the places we’ll Grow!!

Dan Bateson