Recap: Let’s Talk Race Series: Restorative Justice& Healing

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Thank you all for a great Let’s Talk Race Series! On November 3rd we hosted the final workshop, Restorative Justice and Healing:

The last Let’s Talk Race Series workshop started as participants read through the historical timeline and reflected on questions like, “how did colonialism set us back from practicing justice that’s worked in other cultures?” and “how does our justice system replicate harm?” Following this activity, attendees learned the method of ALOHA for engaging in dialogue as well as the importance of “re-storying the story.” The first portion of Healing Justice was screened, and the group entered a discussion about the impact of trauma and how we can learn from each other. The second portion of the film covered redefining justice, including how racial biases and white fragility play a part in perpetuating injustice in our societies. The final portion of the film discussed the power of healing, which was put into practice as the group gathered to take part in a collective Healing Circle. Following the circle practice, conversation carried over into the community dinner as the event facilitators provided a call to action for participants to take the next step in advocating for restorative justice.