Wetlands and Stewardship Project Update!

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Taken at project site

Here’s what’s new with the Wetlands and Stewardship Project at 23rd Ave SW and SW Findlay:

Classrooms of students from the K-8 STEM School at Louisa Boren and Arbor Heights Elementary are scheduled to be on site on June 13th and June 15th doing field work. The young students will be mapping the site, identifying plants they encounter, the invasive species and their locations, and the path that water takes on the site. We will be discussing what is there now, and, as we make changes, the students will update their site maps.

DNDA received a Sustainable Pathways Foundation grant in May that will help to fund activities at the site and will allow us to buy supplies to support students with their scientific investigations.

Seattle City Light gardeners will be working to remove a large share of the blackberry vines that border the project. SCL gardeners will focus on removing the invasive blackberry along the alley. The date is to be determined, but we anticipate that they will be starting their work by the end of the month. We will have a community event to follow up on the work done by the SCL gardeners, and we will need volunteers to help with removing the last of the blackberry vines, some time in July.

Enjoy these photos of students learning and growing their environmental stewardship at the Wetlands!

Students doing field work on-site at 23rd and Findlay:

Want to be a Wetlands Steward? There are two ways:

Donate to DNDA and the Wetlands & Stewardship Project

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