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Sustain a dynamic Delridge.

With a vital cultural community, a diversity of residents, and abundant and rare green spaces, Delridge is a hidden gem within Seattle worth celebrating.

We are at a crossroads, where we have the opportunity to invest now in preserving the qualities that make our neighborhood unique.

Let’s invest in the Delridge of tomorrow—one that is lush, diverse and vibrant, as well as affordable to all those who live here now.

DNDA 2022-70


Artists and cultural leaders contribute to our neighborhood’s vibrancy. The Youngstown Cultural Arts Center is their cornerstone. The Crossroads Campaign preserves this historic building, ensuring community arts will endure.

About the Arts
Students observing nature using binoculars during a guided nature walk.


The Longfellow Creek Watershed is a neighborhood ecosystem being lovingly restored. Delridge Wetland Park will help keep it healthy. The Crossroads Campaign supports the park’s completion, creating an outdoor community classroom for youth and adults.

About Nature Programs


Having a place to call home is the foundation for a thriving community. DNDA is working to ensure Delridge thrives for decades to come. The Crossroads Campaign will support 100 affordable family apartments and ensure our community has a say in the neighborhood’s future.

About Our Neighborhood

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