DNDA Art Challenge (1)

We are excited that your family is interested in participating in the DNDA Art Challenge!

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Teaching Artists Molly Duttry and Madison Rose Bristol from the DNDA EcoArts Program will post a visual arts prompt for you to interpret. At least one member of your household must create something based off of that prompt. When you complete each challenge, please send an image to us at ecoarts@dnda.org or 425-442-0671 for you to receive credit for completing the Art Challenge.

Once you complete 5 challenges, we will send you a FREE PIZZA!

More detailed Instructions and a Schedule of Art Prompts can be found at the bottom of this page.

However, if you have not done so already, please fill out the following form so we can get in contact with you and send you pizza at the end of the challenge! Please email us at ecoarts@dnda.org or message us at 425-442-0671 if you have any questions.


Prompt 1: Paint your ideal future

Art by Molly Duttry

Prompt 2

Hummingbird and Mangroves by Madison Bristol

Prompt 3: Freestyle

By Molly Duttry

Prompt 6: Freestyle with Orange

By Madison Bristol

Prompt 7: Make a portrait of someone you live with

By Molly Duttry

Prompt 8: Illustrate today's weather

By Molly Duttry

Prompt 10: Draw a map to your favorite location

By Molly Duttry

Bellis is a fairy that helps daisy flowers bloom through the Spring.

Serby-who shares features with hummingbirds, orcas, coelacanths, and ocelots - spends most of their day humming because they want to help their fellow sea creatures feel less stressed out.

DNDA Art Challenge Instructions for High Point and Croft Families

  1. Register your family for the Art Challenge using the form provided above! If you do not fill out this information, we cannot send you a free pizza later!
  2. New art prompts are announced every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The prompts are listed below in the Art Challenge Schedule. We will also send you these art prompts via email and your phone number. 
  3. Your kids will create something based off of this prompt. See the example prompts to the left.
  4. Once at least one member of your family has completed the art challenge for the day, SEND US A PICTURE(S) OF WHAT YOUR KIDS HAVE CREATED to ecoarts@dnda.org or 425-442-0671. If you do not send us a picture, it will not count toward receiving a pizza!
  5. When your family completes 5 Art Challenges, we will send you a LARGE FREE PIZZA!

Art Challenge Schedule

  • Wed, June 24: Confetti Art with Jolyn

  • Fri, June 26: Freestyle with Teal

  • Mon, June 29: Create a still life of your favorite foods 

  • Wed, July 1: Art with Jolyn

  • Fri, July 3: Freestyle with Green

Past Art Challenge Prompts