Housing Information

DNDA participates in Apartment Finder, a non-profit organization that advertises subsidized and rent-restricted affordable apartment communities throughout Washington State. Not all properties advertised on that site are subsidized, but all offer affordable rents to low income individuals and families. Visit aptfinder.org for more information.

Affordable Housing Resource Program
DNDA currently owns seven buildings in the Delridge area of West Seattle with a total of 144 units for rent. All of our buildings offer housing that is less expensive than for-profit buildings so that families with lower incomes can always live in Delridge.

DNDA owns a variety of rental properties in the Delridge community. With these properties, DNDA’s goals are:

  • to offer housing that is less expensive than for-profit buildings so that families with lower incomes can always live in Delridge
  • to take good care of the properties that we own so that they are comfortable to live in, and assets to the community

Most DNDA apartments are leased at a fixed rent. A few apartments in each DNDA building have ‘Project Based’ Section 8 vouchers. In these homes, tenants pay 30% of their income for rent which allows us to provide housing for some people and families with very low incomes. For all other apartments, residents must earn at least two times the rent.

How Do I Qualify For DNDA Housing?

DNDA is an equal opportunity housing provider and does not discriminate against any applicant because of age, ancestry, breastfeeding in a public place, color, creed, disability, gender identity, marital status, national origin, parental status, political ideology, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, use of a Section 8 certificate, use of a service animal, military status or Veteran, or any other protected class within the City of Seattle.

Minimum Income: For apartments with Project Based Section 8 certificates, there is no minimum income. For all other apartments, applicants must earn at least two times the rent to qualify.

Maximum IncomeMost apartments rented by DNDA are set aside for people that earn either 30% or 50% of Seattle Area Median Income based on the size of your household. Please refer to the chart below to see if you income qualify.

Completing An Application:

To find out about housing availability at all seven properties owned by DNDA and to get an application sent to you, please contact DNDA’s Portfolio Manager, Asia Fahie at afahie@uminc.net, or by phone at (206) 932-2407. Alternatively, you may stop by the housing office to pick up or drop off an application in person during regular business hours.

The housing office is located at 6516 35th Ave SW, Seattle WA, 98126, office #209.

To find out more about each individual property, please click on the link in each property’s name below.

Address: 8427 Delridge Way SW – Seattle, WA 98106
Address: 8630 Delridge Way SW – Seattle, WA 98106
Address: 4408 Delridge Way SW – Seattle, WA 98106
Address: 6701 21st Ave SW – Seattle, WA 98106
Address: 1213 SW Holden St. – Seattle, WA 98106
Address: 6512 35th Avenue SW – Seattle, WA 98126
Address: 5425 Delridge Way SW – Seattle, WA 98106