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David Bestock

Executive Director
David is a native Seattleite, and has a background working in nonprofits, video production, and international public health youth work before coming to DNDA.
At DNDA, he loves the people he gets to work with, and loves that DNDA does necessary and tangible work on a neighborhood scale. He loves the challenge of integrating Art, Nature, and Neighborhood while working with affordable housing and youth.
Outside of DNDA, he loves to hike, camp, cook, and eat. He moonlights as an auctioneer, does improv comedy, and plays ultimate frisbee.

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Anita Chakravarti Hale

Development Director
Anita has 17 years of experience in the legal field, with 6 years serving as an executive director for a legal aid nonprofit. She sees the importance of equity and social justice in her life, and the impact of helping people get to a better place. Since joining DNDA in 2015, Anita loves how DNDA has grown and improved. DNDA provides a holistic experience to a family through housing, art, and youth leadership. She loves seeing people thriving because of things that are happening here. In her free time, she loves reading, hiking, and hanging out with friends and family.

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Yeggy Michael

Art Programs Director
Yeggy is an award-winning visual public artist whose work can be seen throughout the Seattle area. Armed with metal, stone, glass and a green approach to his work, Yeggy often uses mosaic to illustrate unity and diversity. His vision is to provoke questions about natural cycles, provide a sense of place and to reflect on the movement of time. Yeggy believes that public art needs to reflect the community, the culture and the people who live in it, especially in communities that are underserved. It’s not just about beauty – it’s an expression of the moment and the people. Yeggy's inspiration comes from what has stayed close to his heart. At DNDA, Yeggy creates and leads arts programs for youth in West Seattle and South Seattle communities.  He also works as co-director of the Arts in Nature Festival at Camp Long, a unique annual outdoor festival.

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Environmental Programs Director
Caroline was born and raised in Michigan. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Western Michigan University. She eventually went on to obtain a professional certificate in Wetland Science and Management from the University of Washington. She moved to Washington State in 2013 where she briefly lived and worked on Orcas Island. She has since been involved in the environmental restoration field, initially serving in the Washington Conservation Corps for King County DNRP for two years where she learned about PNW ecology and restoration practices related to riparian, forested, shoreline and wetland environments. At DNDA, Caroline loves getting to work outside in the parks, but she also enjoys working out of the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center. She appreciates working with DNDA’s other staff that provide programming based in the arts and social justice. When Caroline is not working, she likes to hike in the mountains, visit new landscapes, and play on a Seattle Women’s lacrosse team in the spring.

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Erika Bell

Youngstown Manager
Prior to working at DNDA, Erika worked in banking, a path she started shortly after high school for 15 years. After corporate layoffs, she found herself seeking something more purposeful. She loves the people at DNDA. She loves interacting and meeting with new people. She loves being at the center of the arts in Seattle, and she believes that if people connect to a purpose, they would feel better and see more differently about the world. In her free time, Erika loves to write: poetry, sons, and spoken word. She loves going to the movies, especially in the genres of psychothriller, dramas, and horror.

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Nathan Kraus

Asset Manager
Nate is native to Iowa but comes to Seattle via Houston, Texas. He has an educational background in urban economics and planning and work experience in community planning, program management and affordable housing operations management.
At DNDA, Nate is working hard to provide compliance and financial oversight of DNDA properties. He enjoys that the work he does is helping provide housing stability that impacts the quality of life for many Delridge families.
Outside of DNDA, Nate is an avid gardener and enjoys horticulture and landscape design. As an urbanist, he likes exploring Seattle’s neighborhoods and day tripping to new cities and towns.

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Mary O'Donnell

Accounting Manager
Before coming to DNDA, Mary was a corporate controller. She has been an accountant for over 40 years.
Youngstown is Mary’s happy place. At DNDA, she loves reading poetry to kids. She also loves the artwork on the walls, arts in nature, and the music at restoration events. She said: “It’s just fun to come to work here.” She loves what DNDA is about and what DNDA stands for.
When she’s not working at DNDA, you can find Mary working in her garden, binge watching The West Wing. She also runs a foster teen council and a holiday program for youth.

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Nafasi Ferrell

Community Engagement Manager
Nafasi is deeply committed to transforming youth education through the arts and creating intergenerational spaces of dialogue highlighting the importance of history in our continuous struggle for racial equity. As a teaching artist Nafasi has facilitated poetry sessions with homeless youth and led workshops with high school and community members in the Seattle area using hip-hop and poetry. She hopes to help bring together individuals, families, and organizations and give greater visibility to the many diverse communities in Delridge. Nafasi hails from Oakland. A lover of great food, she is always looking for new restaurants to try and new recipes to experiment with. She is an avid lover of the world and if you don’t find her watching a random travel show she is undoubtedly planning her next trip across the sea.

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Ben Antonius

Restoration Program Coordinator
Ben started with DNDA in 2015 as a volunteer and later restoration crew leader. He worked in California as a newspaper reporter until 2010, when he moved to Seattle to pursue a career in environmental conservation, eventually attending grad school at UW's College of the Environment. He believes DNDA's environmental restoration work helps to connect people to their environment and build future stewardship. He loves riding his bike, and he thinks the rain is pretty great.

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Nelson Lu

Programs & Development Associate
Nelson is currently pursuing the MPA Program at the Evans School, and he is interested in making our communities healthier. He graduated from University of Washington with a degree in Biochemistry and Public Health. Prior to his work at DNDA, He participated in many research projects from community level such as analyzing and evaluating HIV/AIDS policies in Namibia and in Seattle, nutritional policies in Mississippi and in San Sebastian, Spain, to cellular level such as how Ebola infects human cells. With his experience, he aims to bridge the gap between science, data, and policies in building a healthier Delridge.

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Sara Parolin

Communications & Development Associate
Sara was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. She moved to Seattle in 2014 for college at UW, and has now graduated with degrees in English and Political Science with a minor in Labor Studies. She was a marketing intern at DNDA before becoming a permanent staff member, and Sara loves to watch DNDA grow over time. When Sara is not working she enjoys baking pies and exploring new areas of the Pacific Northwest.

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Kim Tran

Youngstown Facilities
As an abstract artist, Kim worked at Northwest Hospital and created oil paintings before coming to DNDA. Graduated from the University of Washington’s art program, Kim has been doing art for over 20 years. Kim produces various forms of art, including painting, sculptures, and digital art. Kim loves what DNDA represents because the work DNDA does matches with his core values regarding peace, equality, and protecting the environment. He feels like he does not have to compromise his values working for DNDA. In his personal time, Kim loves to make art and listen to music.

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bri bio

Bri Castilleja

Environmental Education Coordinator
Bri grew up in Washington being stung by nettles and braving the freezing waters of the Puget Sound. In 2017, she graduated from The Evergreen State College with a BS in Environmental Science. After a short field season, she landed a lab position in the Anthropology department of Edmonds Community College. She has since found her way to DNDA, seeking to supplement her work with meaningful field work and environmental planning. Her love of ecology, science, and social/environmental justice drives her career goals. Her current goal is to go to grad school to understand forest soils in order to better inform environmental management practices, and to use her connections to local tribes to find where science and traditional ecological knowledge can meet. In her free time, she enjoys tinkering with things, being active, and engaging her mind in new ways.

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Intale Shuba

AmeriCorps Vista Programs Associate
Intale was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya, but also spent his formative years in Jacksonville, Florida. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Florida in 2014. Shortly after, he moved to the Pacific Northwest to pursue new possibilities in life. He later went on to receive a post-baccalaureate degree in American Ethnic Studies from the University of Washington, Bothell. Intale started serving with DNDA in early 2018. He loves DNDA because of the organization’s commitment to justice, equity, and community transformation. He is passionate about grassroots engagement and community-led programming, and his goal is to become an urban educator and work alongside an ever-growing number of East African community leaders in the Seattle area. In his free time, Intale enjoys reading, writing, attending open mics, photography, and the company of friends and family.

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christina bio

Christina Bjarvin

Environmental Outreach Specialist
Christina is a recent graduate from WWU’s Huxley College of the Environment, where she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences. She plans to continue her education in forest ecology through graduate school in 2020. She hopes to launch a career in ecology and restoration research after obtaining a Ph.D. Her favorite parts about serving with DNDA are being able to work outside and learning more about the intersection between social and environmental justice. In her spare time, Christina enjoys hiking, camping, skiing, gardening and photography.

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