Crew Leads


Luke Dow

Restoration Crew Lead
Luke earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Geology from the University of Utah and his Master’s of Science in Forestry/Remote Sensing from the University of Washington. Luke works in geospatial analysis, but enjoys applying his environmental experience to urban ecosystem restoration. In his spare time, Luke enjoys playing music, collecting fossils, and exploring the Pacific Northwest.

henry bio

Henry Pye

Restoration Crew Lead
Henry is a Chicago transplant who fell in love with the outdoors during a cross-country road trip that spanned several national parks. The trip culminated in a move to Seattle, and ever since has found ways to be involved in nature. This culminated in him leading a crew of teens through a summer urban restoration project in Beacon Hill. Henry mostly has worked with youth through his career, and is excited for more opportunities to help young people grow and develop.