Ivy in the Shade and Bucket Brigade

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Saturday turned out to be a well attended work party with 35 volunteers. It was a hot and sunny day, so we did our best to stay in at least partial shade. Half of the group spent the first half of the day doing 15,000 square feet of maintenance digging of blackberry along the South Seattle Community College fence at the northern border of the Sound Way property. During the afternoon, that group joined the rest of the volunteers in pulling 2000 square feet of ground ivy in the site that Truman cut the rings of ivy from around trees last week. Today our artist, Steve, played the concertina, an accordion-like instrument. We took the last half hour or so to form a bucket brigade to sheet mulch another 200 square feet located 800 feet from the mulch pile at the 14th and Holly trailhead. It has become evident from hauling mulch over such distances during the past few weeks that we need to acquire some more buckets to prevent fluctuations in flow. Fortunately we found a supply of square buckets which we prefer because they never stick together and the plastic handles seem to be more resistant to breaking. They cost us 50 cents a piece, but are worth much more than that in saved frustration. The advantages of round buckets include that they are larger and can usually be found for free.

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