Staff Meeting in the Greenbelt

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The Nature Consortium monthly staff get together took place in the woods today. Vic, Victoria, Nedra, Susan, Nancy, Elizabeth, Lisa, and I went on an exploratory hike through the Sound Way Property today. This was a first visit for some to this particular site. We completed our loop at the Ivy removal site on the west side of the trail opposite the seasonal wetland and continued pulling vines from where we stopped yesterday. In just one hour, the eight of us were able to clear another 700-800 square feet. Kenny helped us out too. Our hard bun fun work was followed by pizza and chocolate! I enjoyed the opportunity to be outdoors with the rest of the staff and have the chance to talk without phones and email in the vicinity. Vic and I had a chance to brainstorm greenbelt curriculum and field technology for the restoration project.

The staff get together concluded just as a bus full of 12 year olds on a sixth grade trip from Hensen Valley Montessori school in Maryland arrived. There were 16 students and 4 adults. Apparently each year the kids submit proposals for the trip destination and hone down to the final choice throughout the year based on presentations and research the students engage themselves in. It is a school the opts to use alternatives to books and book learning. Our first accomplishment was hauling 5 yards of mulch to cover 300 square feet of cardboard laid out by Kenny 800 feet down the trail using a bucket brigade. Then we cleared another 1000 feet of Ivy from the same site we’ve been working this week. It was a lot of fun. The kids were laughing and talking and really productive the whole time and adults were great too!

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