In 1996 the Delridge corridor of West Seattle was plagued by high crime rates, urban blight and lack of basic services. A group of neighbors banded together to make their community a safer, more livable place, and the Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association (DNDA) was founded. Twenty years later, DNDA continues to be the voice for all members of our community, especially those populations historically underserved such as communities of color, low-income families, immigrants, refugees and youth.

As a result of cultural, language and socioeconomic barriers, not all members of the Delridge community are represented in local government, such as neighborhood councils. The unique needs and perspectives of these populations can be overlooked or entirely forgotten. DNDA strives to amplify all voices in our community. We work hard to ensure that all have access to services that help families meet their basic needs, as well as services that enrich the quality of life for the entire community.

Today, we acknowledge that our nation, region and even the Delridge neighborhood is at a crossroads. There are significant threats to the environment, affordable housing, and educational programs for at-risk youth. Much work is needed to support the successes we have achieved to date and to sustain our rich cultural heritage and lively, vibrant community. DNDA is poised to effectively partner with, advocate for, and amplify the many voices that reside in Delridge and make Southwest Seattle their home.


Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association (DNDA) is founded


DNDA invests in affordable housing properties, including Holden Manor, McLean Apartments, Centerwood and Delridge Heights


Cooper Elementary School, now Youngstown, is added to the National Register of Historic Places


Youngstown Cultural Arts Center is opened


DNDA hosts the Delridge Mural Project at Youngstown along Delridge Way SW


DNDA acquires outright ownership of Youngstown’s first floor


DNDA merges with Nature Consortium

The Delridge Wetland Park project begins

DNDA hosts the first Destination Delridge fundraising event


DNDA gains ownership of all housing sites from 2001 investments

The Youngstown Cultural Arts Center building turns 100 years old


DNDA hosts the Let's Talk Race Series

DNDA pilots the Restorative Justice Program with Interagency Academy