Throwback: 2017 Salmon Eco-Sculpture

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DNDA’s various EcoArts programs promote creativity and increase environmental awareness. At DNDA we believe it is our duty to recycle, to live simply, and to be stewards of our local environment. We inspire creative reuse in order to breathe life into old materials. 

Inspired by our ecological approach and innovative use of recyclable materials, we built a ‘Salmon Eco-Sculpture’ in 2017, which was displayed a few months laster as part of our Arts in Nature Festival.

First, the sculpture’s wooden frame was first created at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center by DNDA’s Art Program. 

Then the sculpture was featured at the 2017 Northwest Folklife Festival, where attendees of all ages could contribute their personal touch to the project.

The Eco-Sculpture was a massive formation created with pieces of natural and reusable materials, including twigs, paper scraps and erasers. The concept of this communal project encouraged our community members to explore art and the environment through various materials.

The goal of the Salmon Eco-Sculpture was to merge participants’ individual contribution in a manner that nurtures critical thinking, environment awareness, conceptual skills and promotes involvement in the EcoArts movement. 

Thank you for your support and involvement with our 2017 Salmon Eco-Sculpture project!