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Ivy in the Shade and Bucket Brigade

Saturday turned out to be a well attended work party with 35 volunteers. It was a hot and sunny day, so we did our best to stay in at least partial shade. Half of the group spent the first half of the day doing 15,000 square feet of maintenance digging of blackberry along the South…

Staff Meeting in the Greenbelt

The Nature Consortium monthly staff get together took place in the woods today. Vic, Victoria, Nedra, Susan, Nancy, Elizabeth, Lisa, and I went on an exploratory hike through the Sound Way Property today. This was a first visit for some to this particular site. We completed our loop at the Ivy removal site on the…

Ivy Removal

Today we were visited by a home school group that has developed into a monthly volunteer team. The ages usually range from 6-13. Six kids and 4 adults joined Tom and I today. Tom focused on maintenance weeding of Blackberry from the west side of the trail at 14th and Holly between the Honey Bucket…

Trail Restoration, Mulching and More

We hosted another 3 days of events in the West Duwamish Greenbelt since the last entry on the 14th of this month. Temperatures reached the nineties and it has been sunny and a little humid. Scarlet Tanagers and a rabbit were spotted on the Sound Way Property last week and recently an owl pellet and…

Sheet mulching

It was cloudy all day today and it got unusually humid this afternoon without a glimpse of the sun. Our line up today was Jim and Kenny from 8:30 till 2:30, then Alisha, Josh, and Calvin from 4 till 6. All in all, we sheet mulched 1000 square feet 4 inches thick. Most of the…

Truman High School

It’s raining today and not the typical misting but actual rain drops are falling out of the sky since at least 9 this morning. Truman High, Kenny, and Jazz came to 14th and Holly today. Jazz, Kenny and Heidi focused on removing Herb Robert (Stinky Bob) along the trail from the entrance to 150′ North.…