Delridge Business District

Small-Business Brandon Clean-up

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On June 16th, 2018, a group of Delridge small-business owners, neighbors, and community partners came together to beautify storefronts, parking strips and unattended land along Delridge Way SW and SW Brandon Street. The clean-up was organized by local business owners in partnership with DNDA, Seattle Neighborhood Group, Seattle Public Library, and Seattle Office of Economic Development.

The clean-up is part of an effort to beautify storefronts and to establish neighborhood curb appeal standards. The 13-person work-party spent roughly 2-hours early Saturday morning removing a total of 10 bags of trash, 4 bags of yard waste, abandoned large household items (e.g., mattresses and furniture), and hazardous belongings. Seattle Public Utilities worked with the volunteer group to safely and properly dispose of the debris.

The following businesses are being recognized for their outstanding participation and attention to their storefront, exemplifying outstanding cleanliness  –

  1. Pho Aroma at Delridge Way SW and SW Findlay
  2. Criterion Financial at SW Findlay Street
  3. Olympia Pizza at Delridge Way SW and SW Findlay

Champions all!

Small-Business “Kick-off” Meeting

On May 9th, 2018, Delridge small-business owners and community members held the first official meeting for the formation of a Delridge Business Organization. In attendance were  officials from the Seattle Office of Economic Development, Seattle Public Library, and Seattle Neighborhood Group; the meeting provided all who attended an opportunity to begin planning neighborhood improvement projects, to begin to coordinate tasks that will increase the organization’s capacity. During an extended conversation, community members agreed on key committees, reviewed committee roles, discussed possible community engagement strategies, and celebrated the occasion over dinner at the Thelma Dewitty Theater located in the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center.