DNDA Let’s Talk Race Series

DNDA is proud to present Let’s Talk Race Series 2018. With sponsorship from the Department of Neighborhoods Community Partnerships Fund, and support from local partners and community advocates, DNDA will engage the Delridge community in the 8-event Let’s Talk Race Series in 2018.

By serving individuals of various ethnic and cultural communities that make the Delridge corridor their home, and engaging the community through a foundation of critical dialogue, restorative justice practices and storytelling, we will help individuals develop a greater self-awareness to work on themselves, to heal wounds in the presence of community, and to see similarities and the common humanity present in those around them.

At the same time, these events will allow individuals to learn skills, practices and gain access to resources that will position them to ask difficult questions, and re-imagine a community centered on understanding and the creation of a deep sense of belonging for those in Delridge.

With that, here are our 8 Let’s Talk Race Series Events in 2018:

Migration and the World
Sat., January 13, 1-6p – Youngstown Cultural Arts Center

The Creation of Whiteness
Sat., February 24, 1-6p – Fauntleroy
 Church UCC YMCA

Understanding Islam
Sat., April 28, 1-6p – High Point Community Center

American Housing and Economics
Sat., May 12, 1-6p – Youngstown Cultural Arts Center

Nurturing the Environment and Food Access
Sat., June 16, 1-6p – Camp Long

The American Education System
Sat., July 28, 1-6p – Youngstown Cultural Arts Center

13th and the U.S. Policies
Sat., September 29, 1-6p – Youngstown Cultural Arts Center

Restorative Justice and Healing
Sat., November 3, 1-6p – Youngstown Cultural Arts Center

Food and childcare will be provided at all events!

For questions about the series, please contact Project Specialist Nafasi Ferrell nafasi@dnda.org.

This project is funded in part by a Neighborhood Matching Fund award from the City of Seattle, Seattle Department of Neighborhoods