Arts & Culture Neighborhood Recovery Program

Guidelines (Required to read prior to submitting application)

The Arts and Culture Neighborhood Recovery Program is a City of Seattle Office of Arts & Culture (ARTS)-funded program to provide grants for arts and cultural events/activations in neighborhoods through community-based Lead Organizations.  There are 14 Lead Organizations focused on neighborhoods or communities throughout Seattle.

Cultural events, experiences, and spaces provide the reason for people to gather, confer identify, and build community which are ever more critically important during the current COVID pandemic and recovery process.  This program seeks to support recovery efforts through collaboration, equity, resiliency and safety in alignment with the City of Seattle’s vision of One Seattle.

Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association (DNDA), as the Lead Organization for the Delridge neighborhoods, shall sub-contract to neighborhood-based organizations and small businesses to carry out inclusive and creative arts and culture endeavors that further the city’s pandemic recovery process.  Applicants must conduct events/activations within this neighborhood or community.  The geographic boundary of the Delridge neighborhood is defined as: all of Delridge neighborhoods including High Point and Westwood, east of 35th Ave SW, and north of Roxbury.

These activations/events seek to reach underserved communities and audiences and those most impacted by COVID-19, in particular, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color), low-income, and under-served communities.  Activations/events should seek to rebuild and assist in arts and culture recovery; events do not need to be entirely new events.

The total amount of funding available through this Lead Organization for this designated area is $74,375. Applicants can apply for either Tier 1 or Tier 2 projects.

  • Tier 1 projects: organizations and community groups should request at the minimum $2,000 and maximum $4,999.
  • Tier 2 projects: organizations and community groups should request at the minimum $5,000 and maximum $10,000.