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Headshot of Kathy Whitham

Kathy Whitham was born in Tokyo and has spent most of her life in the Pacific Northwest. She is a West Seattle teacher and self-taught artist who paints figures, florals, portraits, and landscapes in vibrant colors and textures. Her inspiration comes from her Asian American culture, love of books and travel, and Pacific Northwest horizons. Her favorite artists are Masayuki Miyata, Will Barnet, and Georgia O’Keefe. Kathy’s work has shown at SSC Art Gallery, Old World Tasting Room, the West Seattle Art Walk, and more.

"Ever since I could hold a pencil, I’ve loved to draw and write," Kathy said. "I think of my process as an intuitive, visual way to tell stories. Although I begin each painting with a specific idea in mind, it always evolves into something else.

"As someone who doesn’t really like routines or rigid plans, I love where the spontaneous detours take me."



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