Arts in Nature Festival - Cabins

7 Rustic Cabins... 10 Vibrant Voices... 7 Cutting Edge Works

CABIN 1: Degenerate Art Ensemble
"Skeleton Flower Seed Ceremony"

Degenerate Art Ensemble will hold a two-day dance and music ceremony as part of their newest work Skeleton Flower.
Please join us for a ceremony honoring your commitment to move through the challenges you are facing, challenges you will face in the future or the challenge to grapple with events of the past. You may also bring stories that your ancestors may not have had the chance to come to terms with in their lifetimes which is affecting you personally. We ask for your story and the artists will create a space to hold it for you. We hope that sharing these stories together will bring power and courage to each other and those who are facing their adversity alone.

CABIN 2: ilvs strauss
"Cryptic Species Sing-Along"

Join your fellow art and nature lovers as we engage in a Sing-Along like no other. Animals sounds, nature sounds, and human sounds come together in a unique spontaneous summer chorus. Come fill the cabin with the sounds that come out of your mouth! Come listen to the inspired cacophony! Come celebrate our collective united voices!

CABIN 3: Shin Yu Pai & Michael Barakat

trout creek ≅ little water is an interactive art installation by Shin Yu Pai and Michael Barakat. The artists will take over Cabin 3 with an immersive installation that evokes the scouting history of Camp Long. The central focus of their installation will be a low-fi animation viewable on a ViewMaster that reflects upon the history and landscape of Longfellow Creek. Audio field recordings produced by sound engineer Tom Stiles will offer an additional soundscape.

CABIN 4: Robb Kunz
"drip drip drip"

Dazzling interactions of water, light and sound.

CABIN 7: Paul Kikuchi
"Robotic Ensemble"

Sound artist Paul Kikuchi presents an interactive sound installation in collaboration with his brother, Joel Kikuchi. Visitors play traditional Japanese instruments remotely using low-fi robotic hands, the sounds of which blend with pre-recorded soundscapes. Kikuchi will be serving tea and dialoguing with visitors at specific times during the installation period.

Robotic installation components based-off of Microsoft’s STEM Education Program.

CABIN 8: Celeste Cooning
"Cut Paper Meets Digital Media"

This project is a collaboration built on curiosity, trust and exploration. The Portal, constructed of hand cut paper, digital projections, and programming to evolve and adapt to the viewer's presence.

CABIN 10: Markeith Wiley and Laura Aschoff

Sylvia_Cilvia are Rough.In.It

A day of gathering from audience/bystanders followed by a day of performance by Cilvia_Sylvia (Laura Aschoff & Markeith Wiley).